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Légende: ** = Sorties Québécoises.


07/01 IVS Serenity At Long Last? (EP) People Of Punk Rock
07/01 Brick Brick (EP) Indépendant
07/01 True Self The Pain I Bury (EP) Indépendant
07/05 Fatal Ends Claim To Fame (EP) Indépendant
07/05 Long Story Short Stranded (EP) ** People Of PR
07/05 Drazic Drazic (EP) Indépendant
07/05 Joey Cape Let Me Know When You Give Up Fat Wreck
07/06 Mortal Wombat On My Own Indépendant
07/07 Ramona Deals, Deals, Deals Red Scare
07/12 The Lucky Eejits Out Of Time Wiretap
07/12 Pi$$er Pi$$er (EP) TNS Records
07/12 Coke Bust Lines In The Sand GMAK Records
07/19 Sum 41 Order In Decline Hopeless
07/19 Good Riddance Thoughts and Prayers Fat Wreck
07/19 Better Than The Book Hopes and Dreams Indépendant
07/19 Cross Dog Hollow Uncle D Records
07/19 Unsung Zeros Life On Repeat (EP) Indépendant
07/19 Obey The Brave Balance Hell For Breakfast
07/20 Bike Age Steps I Take Images I Fake Twisted Chords
07/26 Death Before Dishonor Unfinished Business Bridge Nine
07/26 Much The Same Everything Is Fine Thousand Islands
07/26 Drunktank Return Of The Infamous Four Morning Wood
07/26 Honest Thieves Ineptitude (EP) Brassneck Records
07/26 All Out War Crawl Among the Filth Unbeaten
07/26 Thin Ice Démo Indépendant
07/26 Rebel Station Feed The Need Indépendant
07/26 Salads You Don’t Win friends With Salads (EP) Bad Anust

AOÛT 2019

08/01 Ocean Front Beyond Repair (EP) Indépendant
08/01 3 Day Holocaust Narcissism of Small Differences Indépendant
08/02 Outsider When Love Dies Flatspot Records
08/02 No Matter Excess Baggage (EP) Indépendant
08/04 Nine Line All You’ve Ever Known Indépendant
08/06 Square Shapes After The Fact People Of PR
08/06 Down By Law Quick Hits Kung Fu
08/09 Strung Out Songs of Armor and Devotion Fat Wreck
08/09 Love In Fear Love In Fear Indépendant
08/16 Off With Their Heads Be Good Epitaph
08/16 Chaos Reigns A Horrific Accident (EP) Indépendant
08/16 Shoplifters Secret Free World White Russian
08/16 Killswitch Engage Atonement Metal Blade
08/16 Basterds Deliver Me (EP) ** Indépendant
08/23 Ink Bomb Fiction Indépendant
08/23 Knocked Loose A Different Shade of Blue Pure Noise
08/30 Real Sickies Out Of Space Stomp Records
08/30 The Decline Flash Gordon Ramsay Street Thousand Islands
08/30 Punch Drunk Sassy JSNTGM
08/31 Nonstarter Seasoned Stuntman (EP) Dang!


09/01 Adhesive Unite To Win People Of PR
09/05 Hatefull Monday PitStop PunkRock Indépendant
09/06 The Toy Dolls Episode XIII Secret Records
09/06 Die A Legend Winning Loyal Blood
09/06 Mobina Galore Don’t Worry New Damage
09/06 Western Settings Another Year A-F Records
09/06 Roam Smile Wide Indépendant
09/13 Feels Like Home Duality Indépendant
09/13 Brutality Will Prevail Misery Sequence BDHW
09/13 Subhumans Crisis Point Pirate Press
09/13 Sicko In The Alternate Red Scare
09/20 Blink 182 Nine Columbia Records
09/20 Snuff There’s a Lot of… Fat Wreck


10/04 Lagwagon Railer Fat Wreck
10/04 Mr. Scientist …Save The World Indépendant
10/18 Refused War Music Spinefarm
10/25 The Damned Black is the Night Indépendant
10/25 Sammy Kay Civil/War Indépendant
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