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Légende: ** = Sorties Québécoises.


12/01 Airstream Futures Spirale Infernale Paper + Plastick
12/01 Torches New Ways, Same Fire Western Valley
12/01 Paper Rifles Faith Healer Indépendant
12/01 Oh My Snare! Murk Matinal ** Say 10 Records
12/01 Guerilla Poubelle La Nausée Slam Disques
12/01 BarCreeps Human Remains Little Rocket
12/01 Bullshit Detector Au Nom Du Pire Indépendant
12/01 Behind The Revolver As We Blossom ** Indépendant
12/01 Ann Beretta Old Scars, New Blood Say-10 Records
12/02 Braincoats 12 Reasons For Self-Medic Indépendant
12/04 Veto Veto (EP) Crapoulet Records
12/05 Among Legends Some Days (EP) Indépendant
12/05 Standard Issue Standard Issue Indépendant
12/05 BarCreeps Human Remains Dirty Sushi
12/06 Mr. Godson Rock’N’Roll Tv (Split) PCT Musique
12/06 The Riot Gang Ice Age Indépendant
12/06 The Holophonics Xmas 2017 (Simple) Indépendant
12/05 Alaska Alaska Another Planet’s Hell Dirty Sushi
12/08 Throttlebomb Get Bombed Indépendant
12/08 Lamplighters Years Go By (EP) Phameless
12/08 Swingin’ Utters Drowning In The Sea Fat Wreck
12/09 From Six Till Eight Southview Sing-Alongs Indépendant
12/12 Upside Down Scars Are Forever Indépendant
12/13 Mercredi Mercredi (EP) Indépendant
12/15 The Riptides Wimpy Goes To Something To Do
12/15 Dead End Suicide Tracks (EP) Indépendant
12/15 Varlope Sed Lex (EP) ** Indépendant
12/16 Spoar 5 Spinning Tunes Indépendant
12/20 Hack The Mainframe Disorders of Consciousness Pee records
12/20 No Dividers No Dividers Indépendant
12/20 Rock’N’Roll Tv Don’t Wanna Be Smart ** Indépendant
12/21 Original Sharks Hundred Grand to the Man Indépendant
12/22 Parasites For what purpose am I born? Indépendant
12/22 Thousand Oaks Too Close To See (Split) Milestones Records
12/22 89% The Right Decision Indépendant
12/23 Bombflower Bleed Me Out Don’t Panic
12/24 Sunset Radios Acoustic (EP) This Is Core
12/25 Old Bay Thrashers Old Bay Thrashers Indépendant
12/25 The Migraines Young, Gifted & Fast Indépendant
12/25 Trophy Jump Depression Club
12/27 Haircut Shutting Down (EP) Feel It Records
12/28 Not Available Grandpunks Indépendant
12/29 U.S. Bombs Clash Tribute (7") Slope Records
12/29 No Potential No More Wasted Days Indépendant
12/30 Bad Summer Fucking True (EP) Russian Federation
12/31 Mental Fix Bricolage ** Too Many Notes


01/01 The Lancasters Alexander & Gore Indépendant
01/01 Useless ID Topsy Turvy’s (Split) Jerk Off / Ratgirl
01/01 Nerve Button Nerve Button (EP) Indépendant
01/01 Skaciety Overstaying Our Welcome Bad Granola
01/02 Outtacontroller No Echo Indépendant
01/02 Roadside Bombs Rise Up Indépendant
01/05 The Dodges Roll With La Escalera
01/12 Turnstile Nonstop Feeling Roadrunner
01/12 Rats In The Wall Warbound (EP) Indecision Records
01/12 Reunions Aching Waits La Escalera Records
01/17 Wanima Everybody!! Underbone Records
01/18 Teresa Banks Teresa Banks (EP) Melodic Style
01/19 Dancing On Fire Dancing On Fire BP/PWA Prod
01/19 Good Grief Sweet (EP) Indépendant
01/21 A Second Plan Defy Gravity Tichiboy Records
01/21 Krang Singalong Melodic Style
01/25 Capable! Hot-Dog Chicance (EP) ** Méga-Fiable
01/26 Great Collapse Neither Washington… End Hits Records
01/26 Giver Where The Circle Breaks Holy Roar Records
01/26 Tiny Moving Part Swell Triple Crown
01/26 Zombie No Divided We Fall Umlaut Records
01/31 A Vulture Wake Appropriate Level… Bird Attack


02/01 Dizclaimers Pandattack! Indépendant
02/01 Cooper 1st EP Kicking Records
02/02 Raging Nathans Cheap Me Rad Girlfriend
02/05 The Fatswine The Fatswine (EP) Indépendant
02/09 Bailer Bailer Distro-Y Records
02/14 Down And Outs Double Negative Yo Yo/Waterslide
02/16 American Nightmare American Nightmare Rise Records
02/16 Mean Jeans Jingles Collection Fat Wreck
02/16 Ducking Punches Alamort Xtra Mile
02/16 Turnspit Desire Paths Dodgeball
02/23 Talco And The Winner Isn’t Long Beach
02/23 Tampleton Pek Watching The World… Drakkar
02/23 We Were Sharks Lost Touch Victory Records
02/28 La Armada Anti-Colonial Vol.1 Bird Attack

MARS 2018

03/02 Stone Inch Of Joy Pure Noise
03/02 Shell Coporation Fucked La Escalera
03/08 Human Project Clarion Call Bird Attack
03/09 Drones Exiled Lockjaw Records
03/09 Moose Blood I Don’t Think… Hopeless Records
03/16 Déjà Mort La Mort Dans L’Âme ** PRC Music

AVRIL 2018

04/11 Main Line 10 The Fox Indépendant
04/21 Abdominable Flatte Ma Chatte ** OCDRock Prod
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