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Légende: ** = Sorties Québécoises.


09/01 Adhesive Unite To Win People Of PR
09/01 Todo Match The Damned Indépendant
09/05 Hatefull Monday PitStop PunkRock Indépendant
09/06 The Toy Dolls Episode XIII Secret Records
09/06 Die A Legend Winning Loyal Blood
09/06 Mobina Galore Don’t Worry New Damage
09/06 Western Settings Another Year A-F Records
09/06 Roam Smile Wide Indépendant
09/12 Code:Lisa White Whales (EP) ** Indépendant
09/13 Standard Issue Out Of Time (EP) Indépendant
09/13 Feels Like Home Duality ** Indépendant
09/13 Brutality Will Prevail Misery Sequence BDHW
09/13 Subhumans Crisis Point Pirate Press
09/13 Spermbirds Go To Hell Then Turn Left Rookie Records
09/13 Omnigone No Faith Big Time
09/13 Anti-Queens Anti-Queens Stomp Records
09/13 School Drugs Modern Medecine Indépendant
09/13 Sicko In The Alternate Red Scare
09/13 Union Jack Violence Indépendant
09/20 Blink 182 Nine Columbia Records
09/20 Snuff There’s a Lot of… Fat Wreck
09/21 Zombie Attack Life And Times… ** Indépendant
09/24 The Palatines Vacation to Hellheim Indépendant
09/27 Nervus Tough Crowd Big Scary Monster
09/27 Jail Socks It’s Not Forever No Sleep
09/27 Sempervivi Can’t Please Everyone Bad Apple


10/03 Satisfied Démo 2019 Indépendant
10/03 Second Combat Count On To Survive Indépendant
10/04 Lagwagon Railer Fat Wreck
10/04 The Menzingers Hello Exile Epitaph
10/04 The Eradicator Peak Eradicator Say-10 Records
10/04 Loud Love Loud Love (EP) White Russian
10/04 Mr. Scientist …Save The World Indépendant
10/04 Qualifier Breathe In, Bleed Out (EP) Indépendant
10/06 Gut Punch I Won’t Lay Down (EP) Indépendant
10/08 Jawstruck Peace Through Pain (EP) Indépendant
10/11 Municipal Waste The Last Rager Nuclear Blast
10/11 Gideon Out Of Control Equal Vision
10/18 Refused War Music Spinefarm
10/18 Booze & Glory Hurricane Scarlet Teddy
10/18 Face To Face Live In A Dive Fat Wreck
10/18 Thrush Just What I Need (EP) ** Indépendant
10/18 After The Fall Brutal Youth (Split) Paper + Plastik
10/18 Audio Karate Malo Wiretape
10/18 The Blamed Church Is Hurting People Indie Vision
10/18 Supportive Parent Could Be Worse (EP) Indépendant
10/18 Ill Blood Ill Blood (EP) Indépendant
10/25 The Damned Black is the Night Indépendant
10/25 Sammy Kay Civil/War Say-10 Records
10/25 Spiral Heads Spiral Heads (EP) Bridge Nine
10/25 Great Shakes Great Shakes Shield Recordings
10/25 Fortune Cookie Club Chansons de la Gloire ** Hell For Breakfast
10/25 Scare Not Dead Yet… Probably ** Indépendant
10/25 Nekromantix 3 Decades Of Darkle Cleopatra
10/25 Raygun Cowboys Blood Stomp Records
10/25 Night Surf The End of The World With​.​.​. Wiretap
10/25 South Class Veterans Hell To Pay Demons Run Amok


11/01 Counterparts Nothing Left To Love Pure Noise
11/01 Coldside A Call for Justice (7") Demons Run Amok
11/01 Make War Get It Together(EP) Fat Wreck
11/01 Bare Bones Rival Minds Resist Records
11/01 Postage Flexi II (EP) Paper + Plastik
11/01 Stray From The Path Internal Atomics UNFD
11/08 Tsunami Bomb The Spine That Binds Alternative Tentacles
11/08 Stage Banter Tightrope Walking Indépendant
11/08 Agnostic Front I Remember (EP) Bridge Nine
11/11 Nixon’s The One West Of The Sun… (EP) Indépendant
11/15 The Dreadnoughts Into The North Stomp Records
11/15 Raised Fist Anthems Epitaph
11/15 Despised Icon Purgatory Nuclear Blast
11/22 Blindspot Final Allure Pee Records
11/22 Inner 29 Now And Again (EP) Indie Vision Music


12/06 Authority Zero Live At Rebel Lounge Zia Records
12/06 Cro-Mags From The Graves (EP) Victory Records


02/07 Green Day Father Of All Motherfucker Reprise Records


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