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Légende: ** = Sorties Québécoises.


01/01 Bullet Treatment Bloodshot Chapter 1 & 2 Basement
01/01 Black Square To The Hills Indépendant
01/02 The Overjoyed Aced Out Nasty Cut
01/02 Kill The Clock Doll Motion Indépendant
01/04 Three eyed Jack Refill (EP) Indépendant
01/04 The Stifled Stifled (EP) Indépendant
01/07 Physique The Evolution of Combat Indépendant
01/07 Teresa Banks Bridges We Build. Bridges We Burn Fast Decade
01/11 Radar State Strays Wiretap
01/11 Überyou Night Shifts Say-10 / Gunner
01/11 Ashtray Good People To Do Business With (EP) Indépendant
01/11 The Scants First Class Hacks Indépendant
01/15 Singe Demo 2019 Indépendant
01/17 All But Six Entertainment (EP) Indépendant
01/18 Parch Bloodletting (7") Indépendant
01/18 Amplify Deadlines Indépendant
01/18 Direct Hit! Local Coverage 2k19 (EP) Indépendant
01/20 Chinese Burn Unit Cash In The Dull Days Indépendant
01/22 Sober Daze The Season (EP) Indépendant
01/24 In Sight We’re Not Back (EP) Indépendant
01/25 Kids Of Rage Hurry Up Useless Pride
01/25 NinetyNine Wasteland (EP) Dead Serious
01/25 Rat Boy Internationally Unknown Hellcats
01/25 Jammed Loony Bin Make It Count (EP) 1K27 Records
01/28 Out Of Bounds Eat, Sleep & Greed (EP) Indépendant
01/30 Alister Twenty Years And Counting Universal
01/31 Adrenalized Operation Exodus: part 2 La Agonia


02/01 The Special Encore Island Records
02/01 Reconciler Set Us Free A-F Records
02/08 Bash Brothers Downhearted Thousand Islands
02/08 Blowfuse Daily Ritual Several
02/08 Kicker Pure Drivel Tankcrimes
02/15 Millencolin Sos Epitaph
02/22 Coral Springs Always Lost, Never Found Indépendant
02/22 Burn Tapes Don’t Make Me Play Bocelli Lockjaw Records
02/23 Dislocation Youth Control (EP) Indépendant

MARS 2019

03/01 Masked Intruder III Pure Noise
03/01 Hans Roofthooft Skeletons Morning Wood
03/03 Tornado Get Inside (EP) Lefthand
03/08 Zebrahead Brain Invaders Mfzb Records
03/08 Triple Deke Five Minute Major Indépendant
03/15 Versus You Worn And Loved Guerilla Asso
03/15 Angel Du$t Pretty Buff Roadrunner
03/15 Bouncing Souls Crucial Moments Rise Records
03/15 Teenage Bottlrocket Stay Rad! Fat Wreck
03/15 The Murderburgers What A Mess Asian Man
03/15 Beach Slang Mpls (7") Bridge Nine
03/15 Nh3 Superhero People Of Punk Rock
03/22 All hope Remains Feel The Fire (EP) Indépendant
03/29 Sweet Empire A New Cycle Umlaut/Shield

AVRIL 2019

04/05 PUP Morbid Stuff Rise Records
04/05 Polar Nova Arising Empire

MAI 2019

05/03 Punchline 13 Nevvstatic ** Melody Makers
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