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10/03 We Are The Union Self-Care Indépendant
10/05 Totalfat Conscious+Practice Rx Records
10/05 I Against I Small Waves (EP) White Russian
10/05 Nowhere Fast Aeonian Indépendant
10/05 Ska-P Game Over Indépendant
10/05 Vanilla Pod Goodbye My Love (EP) Indépendant
10/05 Frenzal Rhomb Early Model Kooka (7") SBAM Records
10/05 Bitter Grounds Two Sides (of Hope) Indépendant
10/05 Captain Trips Stand By (EP) Umlaut
10/05 Worry Confidence (EP) Indépendant
10/06 Bucky Harris Breathing Room (7") ** Indépendant
10/07 Blindspot The Right Swipe Single Plus More (EP) Indépendant
10/09 MxPx Best Life (EP) Indépendant
10/10 Ken Yokoyama Songs Of The Living Dead Pizza Of Death
10/12 Raging Nathans Parasites (Split) Dead Broke
10/12 Extra Arms Headacher Get Party!
10/12 Bearings Blue In The Dark Pure Noise
10/12 Worlds Scariest Police Chases Ablum 3 Lock & Key
10/12 Smoking Popes Into The Agony Asian Man
10/12 Racetraitor 2042 Good Fight
10/12 Iron Reagan Dark Days Ahead (EP) Pop Wig
10/12 The Rumjacks Saints Preserve Us Indépendant
10/12 Fullcount Part Of The Game ** Indépendant
10/12 Lifeblood The Air In My Lungs (EP) Indépendant
10/12 Nicotine Pretty Real Life Glories (EP) Indépendant
10/12 New Junk City Same Places Real Ghost
10/13 Perception Check How Could U Of M Be Any Worse? (EP) Indépendant
10/15 Zéro Talent Société Anonyme (EP) Indépendant
10/16 Grimetime I Think We Could Do Better (EP) Indépendant
10/18 Bring On The Storm Alteruism Indépendant
10/19 Twenty2 Nice Knowin Ya ** New School
10/19 Rise Of The Northstar Legacy Of Shi Nuclear Blast
10/19 Mercy Union The Quarry Mt. Chrushmore
10/19 Tightwire Six Feet Deep Red Scare
10/19 Shook Ones Body Feel Revelation
10/19 Timeshares Out There (EP) Indépendant
10/19 Shook Ones Body Feel Revelation
10/19 Lost From The Start Few And Far Between Bearded Punk
10/20 A.M, Overcast The Being Said (EP) Indépendant
10/20 Death Note Silence Death Note Silence (EP) ** Indépendant
10/23 Direct Hit! Crown of Nothing Fat Wreck
10/24 Came And Took It Resume Indépendant
10/26 Typesetter Nothing Blues 6131 Records
10/26 Emmer Effer Ben Beverly (7") Bird Attack
10/26 Debt Neglector Kids Are Pissed (EP) Smartpunk
10/26 The Casualties Written In Blood Cleopatra
10/26 Real Talk Arrivals (EP) Anchor84
10/30 Have No Heroes Plastic World Indépendant
10/31 Drublic 14 Gunshots Indépendant


11/01 Great Reversals Stalactite Dropping Bombs
11/01 Call It A Day Mind The Gap (EP) Thousand Islands
11/01 Walk Away Walk Away (EP) Pencil Records
11/01 The Brass Action Indications (Split) Indépendant
11/02 Walking With Ghosts Walking With Ghosts II Indépendant
11/02 Sick Of It All Wake The Sleeping Dragon! Century Media
11/02 Gutter Demons No God, No Ghost, No Saints ** Stomp Records
11/02 Carotté Dansons Donc Un Quadrille Avant… ** Slam Disques
11/02 Bring On The Storm Altruism (EP) Thousand Islands
11/02 The Dutch Rudders Are You Miserable? (EP) Indépendant
11/02 Drug Church Cheer Pure Noise
11/06 SorryIWasShitfaced Double Meat No Cheese (EP) Indépendant
11/07 Venerea Last Call For Adderall Dirty Six
11/09 The Translaters Action (EP) ** People Of Punk Rock
11/09 Laura Jane Grace Bought To Rot Bloodshot
11/09 Nothington Swingin’ Utters (Split) Red Scare
11/09 Macseal Live At Magpie Cage (7") 6131 Records
11/09 Macseal Map It Out (EP) Bridge Nine
11/16 Iron Chic Toys That Kill (Split) Dead Broke
11/16 Down Memory Lane Down Memory Lane ** Thousand Islands
11/18 Sniper 66 Annihilator Evacuate Records
11/19 Useless ID Seven Hits from Hell Fat Wreck
11/30 The Friday Prophets In The Key Of Sublimation Indépendant
11/29 Family Meeting Walk Left/Stand Right (EP) Thousand Islands
11/30 Leftöver Crack The E​-​Sides and F​-​sides Fat Wreck
11/30 Grade 2 Break The Routine Demons Run Amok
11/30 Grade 2 Mainstream View Demons Run Amok


12/02 Oakhearts Oakhearts ** Little Rocket
12/07 Misgivings Hermitage Lockjaw
12/07 Cj Ramone Christmas Lullaby (7") Fat Wreck
12/07 AFI The Missing Man (EP) Warner Music
12/07 Authority Zero Persona Non Grata Indépendant
12/21 Symphony Of Distraction 69 Enfermos (Split) Morning Wood
12/21 Reel Big Fish Life Sucks… Let’s Dance! Rock Ridge


02/08 Blowfuse Daily Ritual Several

MAI 2019

05/03 Punchline 13 Nevvstatic ** Melody Makers
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