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Légende: ** = Sorties Québécoises.


01/01 The Lancasters Alexander & Gore Indépendant
01/01 Negate Life Falsehood (EP) ** Indépendant
01/01 Useless ID Topsy Turvy’s (Split) Jerk Off / Ratgirl
01/01 Ravenite Wiretaps Skate Or Die
01/01 Nerve Button Nerve Button (EP) Indépendant
01/01 Skaciety Overstaying Our Welcome Bad Granola
01/01 Ravenite Wiretaps (EP) Skate Or Die
01/02 Outtacontroller No Echo Indépendant
01/02 Roadside Bombs Rise Up Indépendant
01/02 Buried Option Share Once More (EP) Indépendant
01/03 Healer of Bastards Justice CBRG
01/05 The Dodges Roll With La Escalera
01/09 Timeshares On Life Support Indépendant
01/10 Royal Dog Cupola (EP) Indépendant
01/12 Turnstile Nonstop Feeling Roadrunner
01/12 Rats In The Wall Warbound (EP) Indecision Records
01/12 Reunions Aching Waits (EP) La Escalera
01/12 The Playbook All I Am Is What You… Independant
01/13 Five Minute Major City of Strangers ** Leamel Prod
01/14 Wasted Daze Spillage Indépendant
01/12 Reunions Aching Waits La Escalera Records
01/17 Wanima Everybody!! Underbone Records
01/18 Teresa Banks Teresa Banks (EP) Melodic Style
01/19 Dancing On Fire Dancing On Fire BP/PWA Prod
01/19 Good Grief Sweet (EP) Indépendant
01/19 Breaklights Don’t Try So Hard Wiretap Records
01/19 Shoreline You Use To Be A Safe Place Uncle M Music
01/19 United Defiance Road Less Traveled Indépendant
01/20 Service Delay Koda (EP) Indépendant
01/20 Rag A Muffin Bordeline Indépendant
01/21 A Second Plan Defy Gravity Tichiboy Records
01/21 Krang Singalong Melodic Style
01/21 Unwanted Noise The Hacked (Split) ** Indépendant
01/23 Reno Divorce Fair-Weather Friends (EP) Indépendant
01/25 Capable! Hot-Dog Chicance (EP) ** Méga-Fiable
01/26 Great Collapse Neither Washington… End Hits Records
01/26 Giver Where The Circle Breaks Holy Roar Records
01/26 Tiny Moving Part Swell Triple Crown
01/26 Zombie No Divided We Fall Umlaut Records
01/26 Glue Ear Glue Ear Indépendant
01/26 Cadet Carter Cadet Carter Uncle M Music
01/30 We Found A Map .​.​.​To The Haunted Arcade Indépendant
01/30 Dead Neck Actionmen (Split) Indépendant
01/31 Gunka Case Against Indépendant
01/31 A Vulture Wake Appropriate Level… Bird Attack


02/01 Dizclaimers Pandattack! Indépendant
02/01 Cooper 1st EP Kicking Records
02/01 Blacklister La Fin du Monde (EP) Indépendant
02/01 7Daze Local Access (Split) Indépendant
02/01 Shift-D This Message Will… Thousand Islands
02/02 Hotel Murder Wide Awake (EP) Indépendant
02/02 The Tips The Tips Long Beach
02/02 Raging Nathans Cheap Me Rad Girlfriend
02/02 Littlefoot Fear Out East (EP) Rad Girlfriend
02/02 Coming Clean Thanks for Asking Indépendant
02/02 Living Rooms Now That It’s Off My Chest Indépendant
02/02 Only Stangers Only Strangers Horn & Hoof
02/02 Leptik Ficus Mourir Dans l’Anthropocène Guerilla Asso
02/02 The Brie Face First Serving ** Independant
02/02 Make Out Monday Visions Of Hollywood Independant
02/03 Meantime Demo 2018 ** Independant
02/03 Headlines MMXVII Indépendant
02/05 The Fatswine The Fatswine (EP) Indépendant
02/05 Distants Distants (EP) Salinas Records
02/05 Postscript Black Blood (EP) Indépendant
02/08 The Ocean Front Dead End Kids (EP) Indépendant
02/09 Bailer Bailer Distro-Y Records
02/09 Stuck Out You Won’t Come Home Greyscale Records
02/09 Harker No Discordance Wiretap Records
02/09 The Dwarves Take Back The Night Burger Records
02/09 Faboulus Whip Total Wreck, Starter Pack Indépendant
02/09 War Fever Decay of Infamy Independant
02/10 From Parts Unknown Trucker Speed (EP) Independant
02/13 Peer Pressure Control (Simple) ** Indépendant
02/13 Being Beta Read More Books Indépendant
02/14 Down And Outs Double Negative Yo Yo/Waterslide
02/14 Kreutzer Sonata The Gutters of Paradise Collision Course
02/16 Locktender Friedrich I.Corrupt Records
02/16 American Nightmare American Nightmare Rise Records
02/16 Mean Jeans Jingles Collection Fat Wreck
02/16 Ducking Punches Alamort Xtra Mile
02/16 Turnspit Desire Paths Dodgeball
02/16 Amplify Demo (2018) Indépendant
02/16 Mental Strike Final E Indépendant
02/18 C28 Once Blind (EP) Indépendant
02/18 Bundles Deaf Dogs Gunner
02/22 Mhedved Dust Lungs (EP) ** Indépendant
02/23 Talco And The Winner Isn’t Long Beach
02/23 Tampleton Pek Watching The World… Drakkar
02/23 We Were Sharks Lost Touch Victory Records
02/23 Satanic Surfers The Usurper (7") Indépendant
02/23 Oh See Demons Personal Issues Indépendant
02/24 The Problem Addicts Derailed (EP) Indépendant
02/26 PMX Clochridgestone No Bad Records
02/28 La Armada Anti-Colonial Vol.1 Bird Attack
02/28 The Palatines Death From Below Indépendant

MARS 2018


03/01 Beer Bong Future Behind Us (EP) Indépendant
03/01 Abdominable Flatte Ma Chatte ** OCDRock Prod
03/01 The Great Divide Linger Over, Linger On Useless Pride
03/01 Custody Custody Custody
03/01 Irish Moutarde Perdition ** Indépendant
03/01 Deeper Well EP II ** Indépendant
03/02 Les 3 Fromages Maman, j’ai raté l’album Indépendant
03/02 Stone Inch Of Joy Pure Noise
03/02 Nailed Down Among The Waste Upstate Records
03/02 Cold Ground Destroy The Illusion Of Peace Indépendant
03/02 Paper Rifles The State Of It All Struck Dum
03/02 Shell Coporation Fucked La Escalera
03/03 Second Youth Dear Road Demons Runamok
03/05 Disturbance Tox Populi Independant
03/07 Dradnats One Hit To The Body Pizza Of Death
03/07 Airflip Clover Voice Kick Rock Music
03/07 Adverse96 Anger Ocean Kept Inside (EP) Dirty Six
03/08 Human Project Clarion Call Bird Attack
03/09 Drones Exiled Lockjaw Records
03/09 Second Youth Dear Road Demons Run Amoks
03/09 Sidewalk Surfers Dinners For Sinners Long Beach
03/09 Red City Radio SkyTigers (EP) Red Scare Industrie
03/09 Moose Blood I Don’t Think… Hopeless Records
03/09 Left Alone Mile High (7") Smlevis Records
03/16 Déjà Mort La Mort Dans L’Âme ** PRC Music
03/16 This Obsession A Confrontational Effort Wiretap Recods
03/16 Out In Style Broken Dreams Too Loud Records
03/16 Free City Duelo Duelo
03/16 Sun-O-Bathers Sun-O-Bathers Sun-O-Bathers
03/16 At Face Value Ivy and Echo Indépendant
03/23 Rabies AnarKids Melodic Punk Style
03/23 Blossom Hill Under the North Star Fast Decade
03/23 Kill For Peace Agony Taste Of Mind
03/23 No Liars The Cause & The Cure Indépendant
03/24 360 Flip Gratitude (EP) Y.O.T. Collective
03/24 Money Left To Burn Affect Heuristic (Split) Lockjaw
03/30 Lawrence Arms We Are The Champion Fat Wreck
03/30 Feels Like Home The Dark Chapter (Ep) ** Indépendant
03/30 Berthold City Moment Of Truth (EP) War Records
03/30 Zeke Hellbender Relapse Records

AVRIL 2018

04/01 Coach Bombay The Purge (Ep Independant
04/01 Punchcard Making it Great… Independant
04/01 High Wire Escape High Wire Escape (EP) Indépendant
04/02 Bad Ascent Upon The Norm (Demo) Indpendant
04/02 In 2 Months Speed Of Sound Melodic PunStyle
04/04 Symphony Of Distraction Horse Less Talk More
04/05 Choked Up Choked Up Get Better
04/06 Mauvaise Conduite Fade Away (EP) ** Independant
04/06 Crossing The Limits Perseverance Independant
04/06 Timekeep Epoch Independant
04/06 The Wonder Years Sister Cities Hopeless
04/06 The Bombpops Dear Beer (7") Fat Wreck
04/06 The Penske File Salavation Stomp Records
04/06 Honey and Salt Honey and Salt Spartan Records
04/06 Waterweed Brightest Lockjaw Records
04/06 Nations Afire Violence (EP) Redfield Records
04/06 Knuckle Puck Shifted (EP) Rise Records
04/08 Start At Zero Frozen Acid (Split) Independant
04/10 Krimewatch Krimewatch Lookin Out
04/11 Main Line 10 The Fox Indépendant
04/11 Fastloud Wrong Drunk Fight (7") Indépendant
04/12 The Longshot The Longshot (EP) Independant
04/12 La Cavale Pour Le Meilleur et… ** Indépendant
04/13 The Damned Evil Spirits Spinfarm Records
04/13 Not Scientists Golden Staples Kidnap/Rookie
04/13 War On Woman Capture The Flag Bridge Nine
04/13 Satanic Surfers Back From Hell Nuclear Blast
04/13 No Fun At All Grit Bird Attack
04/13 Settle Your Scores Better Luck Tomorrow SharpTone
04/14 La Gachette 20 Ans d’Insoumission ** Ronce Records
04/14 Same As You The Lies We Told ** Independant
04/18 Traits Illuminate (EP) Independant
04/20 Long Way Down Swinging For the Fences White Russian
04/20 Pennywise Never Gonna Die Epitaph
04/20 The Longshot Love Is For Losers Crush Music
04/20 You Big Idiot Mega Donair Independant
04/20 Northwalk Jaded ** Independant
04/20 Wonk Unit Terror Independant
04/20 Another One The Distractions (Split) Independant
04/20 The Follow Ups The Half Of It No Affiliation
04/21 Descendents Who We Are (7") Epitaph
04/21 Northwood Full Ham Independant
04/21 Gamma Ghouls Unlicensed Material Independant
04/21 Marmottes Aplaties Difficultés techniques Dare To Care
04/25 The Sobers IV Bad Mood Asso
04/25 The Cutaways The Cutaways (EP) Dirty Sushi
04/26 All The Waste Years High Blood Pressure Atwy
04/27 The Linden Method Thin Skin Independant
04/27 Wood Burning Savages Stability Independant
04/27 Reuther Like A Ghost Get Party
04/27 Authority Zero Rhythm and Booze III Indépendant
04/27 All Hope Remains Hindsight Pivot City
04/27 GrimSkunk Unreason in the Age… ** Indica Records
04/28 The Killigans Dance On Your Grave Independant
04/28 Tcob Tcob (EP) ** Independant
04/29 Bar Fight Class War Independant

MAI 2018

05/01 Abolitionist The Instant 1859 Records
05/02 The Backseats Into Oblivion (EP) Independant
05/04 Blurg Poser (EP) Independant
05/04 The Creeps Beneath the Pines It’s Alive
05/04 Trashed Ambulance Flashes Of Competence Thousand Island
05/04 New Heart Feel The Change Blood & Ink
05/04 Comeback Kid Beds Are Burning (EP) Nuclear Blast
05/04 Hospital Job Haze Like Me Rad Girlfriend
05/08 Boids Demo Bag ** Independant
05/08 The Siknotes Welcome To The Party.. Morning Wood
05/08 Proton Packs The Livermores (Split) Commando
05/08 Brogues I Hate Hate (EP) Independant
05/09 Reliance Crashing Down Independant
05/09 Don Blake Tough Like Diamonds Independant
05/10 Fortune Cookie Club Passer l’âge d’or ** Independant
05/11 Block Parent Amongst The Hurtin… Independant
05/11 Failing Up Voice In My Heads (Ep) Independant
05/11 The Holophonics Phantom Arrival Holophonor
05/11 Victory Kid Illenials vol. 1 Independant
05/11 Right On, Kid! Forever Missing Out Manic Kat
05/11 The Patient The Mourning Choir Independent
05/11 Strung Out Black Out the Sky (EP) Fat Wreck
05/11 Male Patterns Headaches Peterwalkee
05/11 Destroy The Machine Parasite (EP) ** Indépendant
05/11 Deadlines End Of History Circle House
05/11 Whiskey Chase Splitting From The Splits ** Independant
05/13 River Jumpers Take Your Chances Independant
05/13 Half Truth L’Appel du Vide (EP) Independant
05/14 Condone No Room No Place Independant
05/15 Bussieres Sunny Side Up ** Thousand Islands
05/15 Twin Rivals On Tilt State Of Mind
05/15 The Brokedowns Sick Of Space Red Scare
05/18 Mobina Galore Fade Away (7") New Damage
05/18 The Mahones Love+Death+Redemption Whiskey Devil
05/19 All Stations Go Pity Party (EP) Independant
05/19 The Cops Tales From 2814 Independant
05/21 The Infested Raw Ensemble Ehc Records
05/22 Fallen Monuments Distance and Time Independant
05/22 The Lessoffs The Lessoffs First Off
05/24 Anti-Vision Anti-Vision Tiny Dragon
05/24 Cold Shoulder Backlash (EP) Independant
05/25 Detour Just A Slice (EP) Independant
05/25 Lost In Society Eager Heart Wiretap Records
05/25 Lost Love Good Luck Rassco ** Stomp Records
05/25 Street Dogs Stand For Something Century Media
05/25 Flatfoot 56 Vancouver Sessions Sailor’s Grave
05/25 Cressy Jaw A Fire On The Inside Uncle M
05/25 Angry Youth Elite Ready! Set! No! Independant
05/28 Bravo Câliss Premières Escapades ** Pct Musique
05/30 The Lungs Bodysnatchers (EP) Cgr
05/31 RunningLate Hoist The Colours (Split) First Off

JUIN 2018

06/01 World Demise Fsr37 Flatspot Records
06/01 Wicked Bears Turning Out La Escalera
06/01 Slapshot Make America Hate Again Bridge Nine
06/01 The Nielsens Blurry Photos Independant
06/01 Real Sickies Get Well Soon Thisispop
06/01 The Slums Rise Up ** Independant
06/01 Irish Handcuffs Confort In Distraction (EP) Shield
06/01 Future Girls Motivation Problems Dirt Cult
06/01 The Hemlocks Valid Independant
06/03 Our Untold Story My Dreams, My Rules Independant
06/06 Namba69 Ken Yokoyama (Split) Pizza Of Death
06/07 Layman’s Terms An Invite To The End Dirty Sushi
06/07 Squarecrow Before The Sun… Indépendant
06/07 Sessions Sessions (EP) Independant
06/08 Forever Unclean Woof (EP) Bearded Punk
06/08 Call Me Steve Take One ** Independant
06/08 BenGuiMan A Pinch of K (EP) ** Independant
06/08 Swan Prince Never Look Back (EP) Independant
06/09 Hoist The Colours Bud & The Barstool First Off
06/10 More Or Less Whoever Demo ** Independant
06/11 The Problem Addicts Derailed (EP) A Jam Records
06/12 Territory Sea Of Daggers (EP) Independant
06/13 Strike Again Liberation (EP) Catch All
06/13 Spoiler Spoiler Indépendant
06/13 Over Time Chances EP Independant
06/13 The Sensations Dig Your Own Grave (EP) I Hate Smoke
06/13 Wild Animals The Hoax Waterslide
06/14 Wayside Life On Standby Independant
06/14 The Clinch Our Path Is One Independant
06/15 Broken Yolks The Long Weekend (EP) Independant
06/15 Local Access Drop The Load (EP) Independant
06/15 Words Of Concrete Negative Vibes Bdhw
06/15 Above All Glory Concrete Melodies (EP) Independant
06/15 Square Shapes Square Shapes No Affiliation
06/15 Twice On Tuesday Lost At Home (EP) ** Independant
06/15 Equipment Ruthless Sun Independant
06/15 Mad Caddies Punk Rocksteady Fat Wreck
06/15 Mighty Mighty Bosstones While We’re At It Big Rig
06/15 Madball For The Cause Nuclearblast
06/15 State Champs Living Proof Pure Noise
06/15 Spine Faith Bridge Nine
06/15 Fucked Up High Rise (7") Tankcrimes
06/15 The Filaments Look To The Skies Independant
06/15 Dark Thoughts At Work Drunken Sailor
06/15 Something To Do Design For Living Independant
06/16 Above All Glory Concrete Melodies (EP) Independant
06/17 The Mor(R)ons Lager Independant
06/19 Bladders Loin Independant
06/19 Eight/Years Scars & Bruises (7")/em> Indépendant
06/20 Northern19 Futures Wired Records
06/20 Secret 7 Line 7 Locus Kick Rock
06/20 Layman’s Terms An Invite To The End Dirty Sushi
06/21 Shift-D This Message Will… Thousand Islands
06/21 The Capital This Place Matters (EP) Indépendant
06/22 Hard Feelings Sideways Dirt Cult
06/22 Tagada Jones Live At Hellfest Season Of Mist
06/22 Astpai True Capacity Jumpstart
06/22 Néophyte Vue d’ensemble Combat Rock
06/22 Skarbone 14 On partage un temps Independant
06/22 Uk Subs Subversions Cleopatra Rec.
06/22 TSOL Live at The Observatory Hardline
06/22 The All Brights The White Album (EP) Red Scare
06/22 Dirt Cannon What Eats You (EP) ** Independant
06/22 Former Member Old Youth Memory Music
06/23 Living In Victory Freeman (EP) The Attack
06/24 Off The Mark Aging Disgracefully No Affiliation
06/25 Counties If Forever Is What… (EP) Indépendant
06/26 Neutral Bombs Pretend To Fly Slip Trick
06/26 Wicked City Bucket List Independant
06/27 Sudden Waves Meet Me Halfway ** Independant
06/28 DeadBeat At Dawn DeadBeat At Dawn 0605 Records
06/28 Phosphorus Bombs Blank Slates (EP) Indépendant
06/28 Modern Enemy Rise And Fall Independant
06/29 The Interrupters Fight the Good Fight Hellcat
06/29 Blind Justice No Matter the Cost Flatspot
06/29 Goodbye Blue Monday Misery?-?Punk Ruined… That-A-Take
06/29 Revolutions Per Minute Move Along (EP) Independant
06/29 Blind Justice No Matter The Cost Flatspot
06/30 Sweet Babylon New Beginnings Independant
06/30 The Hum Hums Battle Line (EP) Waterslide


07/01 Kill For Peace Agony DTTH
07/01 Sordid Ship Sordid Ship Primator Crew
07/02 Without Hero Head Down… (EP) Indépendant
07/03 Rocket Gum Keep The Smile (EP) Indépendant
07/04 Down Right Dirty Beer & Loatging Independant
07/06 Fladderpuck Close But No Cigar (EP) Melodic Punk
07/06 Human Project Clarion Call Independant
07/06 Still Alive Assemble Indépendant
07/07 Mad Murdocks Til Our Voices Give In Indépendant
07/09 Sharp/Shock Youth Club Heart & Skull
07/11 Without Whistle Without Whistle (EP) Independant
07/11 Juice Demo 2018 Independant
07/13 Knockin’ Chucks Can You Hear Me Knockin’? Independant
07/13 Life Hacks Awful Man (Split) Dead Broke
07/13 The Blankz White Baby (7 ») Slope Records
07/13 Consumed A Decade Of No (EP) Umlaut Records
07/13 Nerdlinger Happy Place Pee Records
07/13 Post Season Post Season Know Hope
07/13 Havenhurst Grounded (EP)** Indépendant
07/13 Post Season Post Season Independant
07/13 Real Friends Composure Fearless Records
07/13 Pessimist Good Effort Indépendant
07/15 Chain Whip Chain Whip Dirt Cult
07/17 Time Wasters Time Wasters (EP) Indépendant
07/18 Protected Left The Shortlife (Split) Indépendant
07/18 Japan For Cliffy Young At Heart Indépendant
07/18 Oweak The Visible One… Catch All
07/18 Southpaw Disconnected FirstOff
07/20 Fol Therapathy No Affiliation
07/20 The Adolescents Cropduster Concret Jungle
07/20 These Fast Times On The Other Side… Thousand Islands
07/20 Chaser Sound The Sirens Effervescence
07/20 Wisdom In Chains Nothing In Nature… Fast Break!
07/20 Trash Boat Crown Shyness Independant
07/20 Wisdom In Chains Nothing In Nature… Fast Break!
07/20 Drowning 23 Demons Runamok
07/20 Amuse Shortcuts Independant
07/21 Bon Jovial Worlds Apart (7") Indépendant
07/23 Glory Hunters Antiskacore (EP) Indépendant
07/24 Left Behind Blessed By The Burn Pure Noise
07/25 The Sobers 21 Again (Split) Pencil/Bad Moon
07/27 Fair Do’s Leopards Lockjaw
07/27 Detour North It’s History, It’s Poetry Indépendant
07/27 Like Pacific In Spite Of Me Pure Noise
07/27 Zsk Hallo Hoffnung People Like You
07/27 Murderburgers Shitty People (7") Asian Man
07/27 Beach Rats Wasted Time (EP) Bridge Nine
07/27 Face To Face Hold Fast Fat Wreck
07/27 Rise Against Ghost Note Symphonies Virgin
07/27 Beach Rats Wasted (EP) Bridge Nine
07/27 The Murderburgers Shitty People and Toothache Asian
07/27 Like Pacific In Spite Of Me Pure Noise
07/27 Brigades True Blue (EP) Independant
07/27 Dead By Monday Almost Punk (EP) Independant
07/28 Front Commun Désordre (EP) ** Lsc Records
07/31 Probably Sadistic Vandals (EP) Indépendant
07/31 Fourbanger Never Let Go No Affiliation

AOÛT 2018

08/01 Poison Friends Devoid Of A Purpose (EP) ** Independant
08/01 Oh The Humanity! The Hideout (Split) Ocelot Records
08/01 Peer Pressure Inside Out ** Independant
08/03 Odd Robot Amnesiatic Wiretap Records
08/03 The Scratches Pull The Plug Independant
08/03 Integrity Krieg (Split) Relapse Records
08/03 Hotel Murder Ripper (EP) Indépendant
08/03 NOFX Ribbed Live In A Dive Fat Wreck
08/03 Eat Defeat I Think We’ll Be OK Bearded Punk
08/03 Down By Law All In Kung Fu Records
08/03 The Attack No Thrills (Split) Violated
08/03 Burning Nickels Freezer Burnt High End Demim
08/03 Territories Territories Indépendant
08/04 Sketchy NOM D’ALBUM Ftlp
08/07 Den!ed Den!ed (EP) Indépendant
08/08 Fake News Ewwww! (EP) Set The Fire
08/08 We Told You So Fairy Tales For Grown Up ** Indépendant
08/08 The Carringtons Cursed City (EP) ** Sick Scene
08/10 Energy Anthology Vol. 1 Indépendant
08/10 Shrug Dealer Shrug Dealer (EP) Indépendant
08/10 Thousand Oaks One Hidden Frame (Split) Fast Decade
08/10 Rancid Murphy’s Law (Split) Pitchfork
08/10 Idle Threat Rope Burn Indépendant
08/10 Acid Teeth Tie Your Own Rope (EP) Snatchee
08/10 Duck & Cover Rob Them Blind Indépendant
08/13 Nieviem Live In The Brewer Indépendant
08/13 Just Ice Cosmic Latte ** LSC Records
08/13 Prospect No Other Way (EP) Indépendant
08/14 Poor Me Sugarcane Independant
08/15 The Fallout Raise Your Flag… (EP) Rebel Time
08/16 The Shorts Bunker Monkey (EP) Thousand Islands
08/17 Get Married Songs For The Sleepless Wiretap
08/17 Sore Teeth 86’d Indépendant
08/20 Stupid Brick Stupid Brick Team Beard
08/20 Molly & The Krells Losing Friends (EP) Indépendant
08/21 Scott Sellers The Jitters Indépendant
08/24 Jesus Piece Only Self Southern Lord
08/24 Uniforms Reasons To Breathe Mtat Records
08/24 Send Request Perspectives Nuclear Blast
08/24 Tight Night Volume (EP) Little Rocket
08/28 Violent Affair Anthem of Defiance… Independant
08/30 The Bigger Empty Lake & Oceans Vol.3 (EP) La Esalera
08/30 Colorsfade In Real Time ** Thousand Islands
08/31 Swingin’ Utters Peace And Love Fat Wreck
08/31 Alkaline Trio Is This Thing Cursed? Epitaph
08/31 The Drowns View From The Bottom Gunner
08/31 Doc Rotten Illusion To Choose Indépendant
08/31 Parasite Diet Braindead Indépendant
08/31 Wildheart We Are (EP) Indépendant


09/01 Better Days Away Team (EP) Coin Toss
09/02 Luke Seymoup Burnett Street (EP) Indépendant
09/06 No Real Hero The Forest ** Thousand Islands
09/07 Counterparts Private Room (EP) Pure Noise
09/07 Eisberg Few Will Remain (EP) Bdhw Records
09/07 Worst Deserto Bdhw Records
09/07 Forgotten Sons Pennies In The Water Ani mal Farm
09/07 2 Sick Monkeys Into Oblivion Pumpkin
09/07 I Am Revenge Violencer Bdhw
09/07 Empowerment Bengalo End Hits
09/07 Happy Cult Classic Rude Records
09/08 Lone Wolf Lone Wolf Bearded Punk
09/10 Billyclub Generaton Timebomband Violated Records
09/11 The Distillers Man vs. Magnet (7") Indépendant
09/12 Locofrank Stories Ikki Not Dead
09/13 PointBreak Forgiver (EP) Coin Toss
09/14 Moonraker Lanterns Tiny Dragon
09/14 She’s The Band A Place Of Our Own Pee Records
09/14 The Peawees Moving Target Rum Bar
09/14 Ships Of Fools A Perfect Place For Harmony Indépendant
09/14 Sewer Rats Jukebox Romantics (Split) Kannentime
09/14 Art Thieves Russian Rats State Line
09/17 Woodchuck Flesh Burgers (EP) Indépendant
09/18 Shakers Not The Shakers A Jam Records
09/18 Flanders72 This is a Punk Rock Club Indépendant
09/18 Hit by a School Bus It’s Always Personal Indépendant
09/18 Living With Lions Island No Sleep
09/21 The Story So Far Proper Dose Pure Noise
09/21 Waykopp Too Loud? Too Old! Indépendant
09/21 Off With Their Heads Live from The Rock Room Indépendant
09/21 Night Birds Roll Credits Fat Wreck
09/21 Sir Reg The Underdogs Despotz Records
09/21 Loser Points Denial & Error Indépendant
09/21 Bumsy and the Moochers Spaced Out On Imminence
09/21 Insert Coin Way Out Uncle M
09/23 The Midlife Hit The Deck Independant
09/23 The Midlife Hit The Deck! Indépendant
09/25 Hit The Switch Entropic Bird Attack
09/27 Spoilers (Uk) Roundabouts Little Rocket
09/27 Beartooth Disease Red Bull
09/28 Switch Bones And In Darkness I Found White Russian
09/28 The Living End Wunderbar Bmg Records
09/28 Terror Total Retaliation Pure Noise
09/28 Anti-Flag American Reckoning Spinfarm
09/28 Restorations Lp5000 Tiny Engines
09/28 Gentlemen Prefer Blood Weathered (EP) It’s Alive
09/29 Backyard Superheroes Never Give Up, Never Surrender Indépendant
09/29 123Go Ninja L’Album Double ** Indépendant
09/30 Energy Anthology Volume 2 Indépendant
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