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Légende: ** = Sorties Québécoises.


01/03 Lastkaj 14 Becksvart Indépendant
01/06 Dropkick Murphys 11 Short Stories of Pain & Glory Born & Bred Records
01/06 Intenable Quatrième mur Guerilla Asso/Panda
01/10 Class Of 86′ Volition (EP) Indépendant
01/11 Skall Headz Skall Headz Kick Rock Music
01/12 Save One Sitting on a Bench… (EP) ** Indépendant
01/12 The Argument Death is The Exist (EP) Indépendant
01/13 Capital Youth Lemonade (EP) Roosevelt Records
01/13 Shotwell / Miami Split Dead Broke Rekerds
01/13 Code Orange Forever Roadrunner Records
01/13 Destroy The Line War (EP) Bird Attack Records
01/13 Noé Talbot Reprises Acoustiques ** Slam Disques
01/14 Cereal For Dinner Back To School Indépendant
01/17 The Wraith Shadow Flag (EP) Indépendant
01/18 Again On The Way Memories Aimless Indépendant
01/18 Rebuke Rethoric Of The Work Milestone Sound
01/19 Mortal Wombat Conspiranoid (EP) Indépendant
01/20 As It Is Okay Indépendant
01/20 Resistors This Can’t End Well Indépendant
01/20 AFI The Blood Album Universal Music
01/20 Down To Nothing Live! On The James Revelation Records
01/20 Anti-Flag Live Vol. 1 A-F Records
01/20 Frank Carter Modern Ruins Death Cult
01/26 DC Disorder Naive to a World (EP) Young Blood
01/27 TSOL The Trigger Complex Rise Records
01/27 Hellmouth Oblivion Fast Break! Records
01/27 OC45 Happy Accident Indépendant
01/27 Miozän Surrender Denied Damons Run Amok
01/27 Advent Pain & Suffering Bridge Nine Records
01/28 Northwalk Sins (EP) ** Indépendant
01/29 At Both Ends Wheel’s Out The Window Indépendant
01/31 Nuraghe Give Way Indépendant


02/1er Windowsill Make Your Own Kind… Shield Recordings
02/1er Quenntown Bassville ** Indépendant
02/02 Serenity Now Views From The 666 (EP) Fireworks Collective
02/02 Witness Seasons (EP) Indépendant
02/03 Darko Bonsai Mammoth Bird Attack/Lockjaw
02/03 The Menzingers After The Party Epitaph Records
02/03 Less Than Jake Sound The Alarm (EP) Pure Noise Records
02/04 Les Vidangeurs Ça sent l’bonheur ** Indépendant
02/04 Union Jacks Supersonic Beer/Guerilla Asso
02/05 Just Say Nay Shit Out of Luck (EP) No Sharp Records
02/08 Who I Am My Own Fight (EP) Indépendant
02/09 Mon Autre Groupe Omega Guerilla Asso
02/10 Brandish Selective Morality (EP) Indépendant
02/10 Carousel Kings Charm City Victory Records
02/10 Slimboy Sail on Sailor Indépendant
02/10 Straightline Vanishing Values Bird Attack Records
02/10 L’Affaire Pélican Le Moins Pire (EP) ** Indépendant
02/10 Ripé Rock le Québec (EP) ** Slam Disques
02/10 The Bombpops Fear of Missing Out Fat Wreck Chords
02/10 Screw Houston Like Fighting Snakes (EP) White Russian Records
02/10 Dustbox Thousand Miracles Machine Records
02/10 Save Ferris Checkered Past (EP) Indépendant
02/10 First Blood Rules Pure Noise Records
02/11 Wstr Red, Green or InBetween No Sleep Records
02/11 F.O.D. Harvest Funtime/Effervescence
02/14 Higley Higley Indépendant
02/17 Nothington In The End Red Scare Industrie
02/17 Meat Wave The Incessant Side One Dummy
02/19 Broken Bounds Broken Bounds (EP) ** Indépendant
02/20 Out Of Order Stuck in the Mud ** Randale Records
02/24 Career Suicide Machine Response Deranged Records
02/24 No Turning Back No Time To Waste Take Control Records
02/24 The Fullblast Attack.Sustain.Decay Indépendant
02/24 Chase Your Words Here To Stay (EP) Pretty Rad Records
02/24 Strike Twelve Down With The Snip (EP) Felony Records
02/24 Coast To Coast Lenght Of A Smile (EP) Fox Records
02/25 Love In Fear No Sacrifice Too Great Indépendant
02/25 Deforesters Leonard Black Numbered Records
02/28 All Dogs Kicking Every Day Salina Records

MARS 2017

03/1er Nothern Sons Of Winterers (EP) ** Indépendant
03/1er Lunch Plongé dans le décor Panda/Bad Moon
03/03 Tagada Jones La Peste & le Choléra Enrage Productions
03/03 Godamnit I’ll Never Ne Okay… Jump Start Records
03/03 Real McKenzies Two Devils Will Talk Fat Wreck Chords
03/06 Clever Girl Worst New Artist (EP) Indépendant
03/07 Crusades This is a Sickness… Anxious & Angry
03/09 Anchors Anchors (EP) Indépendant
03/09 Homesick Won’t Let Go Dogfight Records
03/10 Greg Graffin Millport Anti- Records
03/10 Lastkaj 14 Becksvart Indépendant
03/10 Western Addiction Tremulous Fat Wreck Chords
03/10 Supportive Parents Fuck it, Whatever Indépendant
03/12 And the Wasters State Of Repair (EP) Indépendant
03/14 Another Nail Demo ** Indépendant
03/15 Neverlearn Start Tomorrow (EP) Fast Decade
03/17 Black Volvo Bad Driving TNS Records
03/17 Cj Ramone American Beauty Fat Wreck Chords
03/17 The Digs Kinetic (EP) Ocelot Records
03/17 Mardi Noir L’oeil de la Tempête ** A Billion Records
03/17 One Hidden Frame Harmful Content Bird Attack Records
03/17 Insist Here & Now (EP) React! Records
03/17 BengBeng Cocktails Like A Brother Indépendant
03/18 Ghostblade Strength Through Suffering ** Indépendant
03/19 The Konbinis Back To The 90’s Disques Géraldine
03/21 Toxic Kid Toxic Kid Indépendant
03/23 SorryIWasShitfaced Smashed Melodic Style
03/24 Laureate Landmarks Jump Start Records
03/24 Despero Somewhere Near The Bottom La Escalera
03/25 Diego Pallavas En Cavale Kanal Hystérik
03/28 Dollars Signs Life Is Ruffs Indépendant
03/31 The Resignators Party Dates (7") Indépendant
03/31 Gnash Rambler Gnash Rambler Indépendant
03/31 Demon Hunter Outlive Solid State

AVRIL 2017

04/1er Tender Defender Tender Defender (EP) Dead Broke
04/05 Force Events Force Events (EP) Indépendant
04/05 Waterweed Brightest Indépendant
04/05 Namba69 Heroes (EP) Pop Seed
04/06 The Messyhairs Dead Scene Lucky Records
04/07 Melting Fast Volcanic Indépendant
04/07 Red Atlanta Cover Me Bad Indépendant
04/07 Setbacks Oceans Apart Morning Wood
04/07 Sammy Kay Untitled Stomp Records
04/07 Me first & The Gimme Gimmes Greatest Hits Fat Wreck
04/07 The Flatliners Inviting Light Dine Alone
04/07 Capitaine Révolte Fil d’Arrivée ** Indépendant
04/07 Sales Majestés Droit dans le mur DKP
04/08 Dungeon Days Dungeon Days Indépendant
04/08 Deez Nuts Binge and Purgatory Century Media
04/13 Jaya The Cat Basement Style Ring Of Fire
04/14 Isotopes 1994 World Series Stomp Records
04/15 A Life Forsaken Bringing Down Titans ** Indépendant
04/18 Argument Argument (EP) ** Indépendant
04/19 Oweak At Nightfall Catch All
04/26 Harsh Realms Coma Commander Shield
04/24 Quitters Good Night Memories Bad Mood Asso
04/27 Still Insane ** Friends & Family (EP)  Thousand Islands
04/28 The Grim Cop Killer(EP) Felony Records
04/28 Light The Way Dude, Lame (EP) Indie Vision
04/28 Flatfoot 56 Odd Boat Sailor’s Grave
04/28 The Dirty Nil Minimum R&B Fat Wreck
04/28 New Found Glory Makes Me Sick Hopeless
04/28 Terror The Walls Will Fall Pure Noise
04/28 Capable!  Société Problème ** Indépendant
04/29 Mental Fix Summer’s Never ** Indépendant

MAI 2017

05/02 Aarsen Satellites (EP) ** Indépendant
05/05 Face To Face Say What You Want (7") Fat Wreck Chords
05/05 Les Partisans Rallumers Tous les Soleils Casual Records
05/05 Amuse Life Sucks (EP) Indépendant
05/05 Lastkaj 14 Spelevinken (EP) Indépendant
05/06 NowFuture Spy Killers (EP) ** Indépendant
05/08 The Last Confidence This Mess Is Place Loserkid
05/12 Raygun Cowboys The Cowboys Code Stomp Records
05/11 Huge Puppies Cynocracy Indépendant
05/12 Crash Ton Rock Volte-Face ** Stomp Records
05/12 Primetime Failure Home Disconnect Disconnect
05/12 As One Man Coming Up Roses ** Indépendant
05/12 Parasite Diet Coast to Coast Indépendant
05/17 Abolitionist The Pinnacle (EP) 1859 Records
05/19 Trashed Ambulance A Dime For Everytime Thousand Islands
05/19 Talk Show Host Not Here To Make Friends Indépendant
05/19 Bare Teeth First The Town… (EP) Less Talk More Records
05/24 Vilains Puceaux T’es t’une marde (EP) ** Indépendant
05/26 Ten Foot Pole Setlist Cyber Tracks
05/26 Frenzal Rhomb Hi-Vis High Tea Fat Wrek
05/26 Beer Creeps Battle Axe (EP) Disconnect Disconnect
05/26 Ten Cents Short Major Steps Indépendant
05/27 Monoxyde Monoxyde ** Indépendant
05/27 Diploma The Cost Of Clarity (EP) Indépendant
05/29 The Roughs The Roughs (EP) Indépendant

JUIN 2017

06/1er CF98 Story Markers Antena Krzyku
06/1er Bash Brothers Life Lessons Thousand Islands
06/02 Flogging Molly Life is Good Vanguard Records
06/02 Obey The Brave Mad Season Epitaph Records
06/02 Authority Zero Broadcasting To The Nations Bird Attack
06/02 Heartsounds Dualistic Nihilist Creator-Destructor
06/02 Summerled The Contest (EP) ** Indépendant
06/02 Wednesday 13 Condoleans Nuclear Blast
06/02 Crab Legs Full Garage (Split) Tiny Dragon Music
06/02 Whisky Gallery Vegas (EP)** Indépendant
06/02 The Dopamines Tales of Interest Rad Girlfriend
06/03 Hitch & Go This Time For Good ** Indépendantt
06/06 Law Of Keanu Gravity (EP) Indépendant
06/09 The Lillingtons Project 313 (EP) Red Scare
06/09 Rancid Trouble Maker Epitaph/HellCats
06/09 One Square Mile Kickin’ Rocks (EP) Felony Records
06/09 Rise Against Wolves Virgin Records
06/10 Society’s Ills Stumble ** Indépendant
06/10 The Dodges Yelling at Adult Men Indépendant
06/14 Bel Ann-Ana Démo ** Indépendant
06/14 Good 4 Nothing Melodic-Holic L.M.N.O.P.
06/14 Pot Gemme (EP) Trust Records
06/16 Death By Dingo A Call of Survival ** Indépendant
06/16 Rivershores Dizzy Lows Shield Recording
06/16 Les Clebards On Attend On Attend
06/20 Varlope Dura Lex (EP) ** Indépendant
06/23 Freedom Never Had A Choice (EP) Triple B Records
06/23 Just Ice Sleep (EP) ** Indépendant
06/23 Guttermouth The Whole Enchilada Rude Records
06/25 Windover Maze 20 Chords Records
06/25 360 Flip Peace On Earth Indépendant
06/30 88 Fingers Louie Thank You For Being A Friends Bird Attack
06/30 Oh The Humanity! Tired Ears (EP) Ocelot Records
06/30 FastFade Side Effects (EP) Umlaut Records
06/30 King Punch Low Profile (7") Be Sharp Records
06/30 Slander Calunnia (EP) Indépendant
06/30 Concret Everything Ends Now Irish Voodoo Records


07/01 Ken Sent Me Be Nice Or Go Away Les Talk More Records
07/01 Dead end Suicide notes Crucifux Records
07/04 Bat$hit!crazy EP.1 Basement Records
07/05 Keep Out! Sick Sad World (EP) Indépendant
07/05 Faze In Silence (EP) Triple B Records
07/06 Capitalist Kids Brand Damage Brassneck
07/06 Vodka Tabasco Déficit d’attention ** Indépendant
07/07 7Years Lifetime Morning Wood
07/07 Brackish Coming Down (EP) Black Numbers
07/07 Loyal Until Death Remain Defiant 1732 Records
07/09 Blood Letters Blood Letters (EP) No Front Teeth
07/10 MDC Mein Trumpf Primordial Records
07/11 Ordure Ioniques Ordures Ioniques ** Musique Néfaste
07/11 Dead Wells Dead Wells (EP) Indépendant
07/12 Secret 7 Line Never Goodbye Again Kick Rock Music
07/12 Smash Up For The Children Kick Rock Music
07/12 Enth Hent Trust Records
07/14 Teenage Bottlerocket Stealling the Covers Fat Wreck Chords
07/14 Teenage Bottlerocket Goin’ Back To Wyo (7") Fat Wreck Chords
07/14 Over Everythings No Solidarity Scylla Records
07/14 Eternal Boy Awkward Phase Four Chords
07/14 69 Enfermos A Place To Call Home Morning Wood
07/14 Bloodclot Up In Arms Metal Blade Records
07/14 Fights & Fires Live Like A Tourist Lockjaw Records
07/16 Voice Of Addiction Lost Art Of Empathy Indépendant
07/18 Protected Left The Shortlife (Split) Indépendant
07/21 Goldfinger The Knife Rise Records
07/21 Fast Food Society Nuking Candyland Disconnect Disconnect
07/21 Trapped Under Ice Heatwave Pop Wig Records
07/21 Death Card Damage Swing Innerstrength
07/21 Energy Under The Mask (EP) Shadowland Prod
07/21 Slow Death Punishers Rad Girlfriend
07/25 Carrusel Posterity Now! (EP) Indépendant
07/25 Sons Of O’Flaherty Road Not Taken Indépendant
07/27 Phosphorus Bombs Cancers Indépendant
07/27 Grim Deeds Only The Beast Outloud Records
07/28 Big Nothing Big Nothing (7") Asian Man Records
07/28 Copneconic Generation Parasite Save Your Generation
07/28 Scorpios One Week Record Fat Wreck
07/28 Pawns The Gallows NBAN Records
07/28 No Trigger Adult Brace (EP) Bird Attack
07/28 The Generators Street Justice (7") Pirate Press

AOÛT 2017

08/02 In Evil Hour Lights Down Snayle Records
08/02 Havenhurst Ab Urbe Condita (EP) ** Indépendant
08/04 Get The Shot Infinite Punishement ** New Damage Records
08/04 Sketchy Heck FTLP Records
08/04 The Domestics Cherry Blossom Life TNS Records
08/06 Grade 2 Break the Routine Contra Records
08/10 Fcon Fcon Tiny Dragon Music
08/10 Positive Charge Under Growth Indépendant
08/11 No Use for a Name Rarities Vol. 1: The Covers Fat Wreck Chords
08/11 These Streets Unfinished Business BDHW Records
08/13 The Prozacs Exist Outloud! Records
08/17 Take The Reins Couldn’t Get It Right (EP) Indépendant
08/18 Debt Neglector Atomicland Smartpunk Records
08/18 Channel 3 Put Em Up TKO Records
08/18 Mansbridge Juxtapose ** Indépendant
08/24 Scarfold Divide/Decline ** Indelirium Records
08/25 Chargez Ok Prêt Chargez ** Indépendant
08/25 True Rivals Look At Me (EP) Indépendant
08/25 Gogol Bordello Seekers & Finders Indépendant
08/25 In Good Nature Words We’ll Never Say Anchor 184
08/25 Turnover Good Nature Run For Cover


09/01 Joey Cape One Week Record Fat Wreck
09/01 Backtrack Bad To My World (7") Bridge Nine
09/01 Rebuilder Sound From The Massachusetts Panic State
09/01 Bauxite Voisin Gonflable (EP) ** Indépendant
09/01 The Loved One Better Late Than Never Stumble
09/01 Starving Millions V (EP) Goodtimes
09/01 Les Tricars Saint Pogo Trou2balle Records
09/05 Sidewalk Here And Now Morning Wood
09/06 For I Am 15 Minutes Late Bearded Punk
09/08 The Decline Local Resident Failure (Split) Pee Records
09/08 Hot Knife My Fangs Black Numbers
09/08 Tim Barry High on 95 Chunksaah
09/08 Burn Do Or Die Deathwish Inc.
09/08 Comeback Kid Outsider Metal Blast
09/08 Such Gold Deep In A Hole (EP) Bird Attack
09/08 Forced Order One Last Prayer Triple B Records
09/08 High Wire Different Places Indépendant
09/10 Uphill Struggle Fool’s Paradise Melodic PunkStyle
09/10 Bombs Are Falling On Deaf Ears Melodic PunkStyle
09/12 The Riptides Canadian Graffiti Something To Do
09/13 Chainsaw Bitch Alejandro ** Youlooklikeshit
09/15 Go Great Guns Go Great Guns ** Thousand Islands
09/15 Seaway Vacation Pure Noise
09/15 Hatefull Monday Unfrightened Kicking Records
09/15 Hot Water Music Light It Up Rise Records
09/15 Yotam Ben Horin One Week Record Fat Wreck
09/15 Sled A Better You Bird Attack
09/15 The Creepshow Death At My Door Stomp Records
09/15 The Flatliners Great Awake (Démo) Fat Wreck
09/15 Suburban Disorder Rot in Hell Indépendant
09/16 CBMF Part Of The Plan Thousand Islands
09/18 Inepsy The Lost Tracks ** Run State-Tapes
09/22 Counterparts You’re Not You Anymore Pure Noise
09/22 Vultures United I Still Feel Cold Black Numbers
09/22 Firestarter The Time It Takes Indépendant
09/22 The Bronx V Indépendant
09/25 Snfu Happy Number (7") Rake Records
09/25 Madball Wisdom In Chains (Split) Fast Break
09/25 These Fast Times These Fast Times (EP) Thousand Islands
09/29 Ezra Speakers In The Sky Anxious & Angry
09/29 Ces Gens-Là Troisième Acte Thousand Islands
09/29 The Hunters Black Eyes (EP) ** Sexy Sloth
09/29 Wraths My Home (EP) Bird Attack
09/29 Worriers Survival Pop SideOneDummy
09/29 Propagandhi Victory Lap Epitaph
09/29 Kids You Not Never A Dull Moment Deep Elm
09/30 Generation 84 Relentless TBNT Records
09/30 Genosha Our Conviction (EP) Tired & Pissed


10/01 From The Tracks Get Worse Less Talk, More
10/01 Fortune Cookie Club Les chansons de la honte ** Indépendant
10/03 Company Retreat Company Retreat Encapsulated
10/04 Hi-Standard The Gift Pizza Death
10/04 Radio Station Radio Station (EP) Indépendant
10/06 Emmer Effer From the Bottom Down Felony Records
10/07 Lorraine Lesson Learned (EP) ** Indépendant
10/09 Southpaw Social Behavior (7") Anchor 84
10/09 Path Of Might Infernal Orchards Encaptulated
10/06 Down Memory Lane Vice Caché (EP) ** Thousand Islands
10/06 Hour Of Defiance Reform ** Indépendant
10/06 The Carousers The Carousers (EP) Indépendant
10/06 The Penske File Come What May Stomp Records
10/06 Noé Talbot Mauvaise Pioche (Split) ** Indépendant
10/13 Cope Tooth & Nail (EP) Indépeendant
10/13 Save Ends A Book About Black Numbers
10/13 Piffbreak Arcade Flawed Design Indépeendant
10/13 Stick To Your Guns True View Pure Noise
10/13 Bodyjar Terra Firma (7") Unfd Records
10/13 Code 40-11 L’Amérique du mort ** Musique Néfaste
10/13 The Lillingtons Stella Sapiente Fat Wreck
10/13 Bucky Harris In Sheep’s Clothing ** Indépendant
10/13 Iron Chic You Can’t Stay Here SideOneDummy
10/13 Transplants Take Cover (EP) Epitaph Records
10/15 The Creepshow Death At My Door Stomp Records
10/20 Fluffy Machine Please, Slow Down (EP) Dmb Records
10/20 The Fatswine All The Fatswine (EP) Indépendant
10/23 I Like Allie I Like Allie Real Ghost Records
10/25 Distance Critique Entre les branches ** Indépendant
10/27 Oktoplut Le Démon Normal ** Slam Disques
10/27 Allout Helter Notion Of Control Bird Attack
10/27 88 Fingers Louie Get Off My Lawn (7") Indépendant
10/27 Blacklist Royals Model Citizen (7") Paper + Plastick
10/27 Dr. Living Dead! Terror Vision Century Media
10/29 The Hallingtons 1-2-3-4 Songs Monster Zero


11/01 No Quarter Freedom Melodic PunkStyle
11/03 Anti-Flag American Fall Spinfarm Records
11/03 Kosovo M.a.n.i.m.a.l. ** Indépendant
11/03 Direct Hit Pears (Split) Fat Wreck
11/04 GrimSkunk Harvest (EP) ** Indica Records
11/07 Arising From Arising From Thousand Islands
11/07 Cour À Scrap Deux Pieds Dedans ** KeepHope
11/08 F.O.D. Punkrock 4 Life Indépendant
11/10 The Dreadnoughts Foreign Skies Indépendant
11/10 Versus You Birthday Boys (EP) Chord/Noiseworks
11/13 Shoplifters Forgiver White Russian
11/15 Bravo Câlisse EP #2 ** Indépendant
11/16 Good For Wednesday Hump Day Indépendant
11/17 GBH Momentum Hellcat Records
11/17 The Run Up The Run Up Real Ghost Records
11/17 You Vandal I Just Want To Go… Jumpstart
11/17 Dead Ending Shoot the Messenger Alternative Tentacle
11/17 Green Day God’s Favorite Band Reprise/Lookout
11/17 High Evil Gene Wiretap Records
11/17 Chic Arsenic Chic Arsenic (EP) ** Indépendant
11/17 The Adicts And It Was So! Nuclear Blast
11/21 Dearly Divided So Much For New… Morning Wood
11/21 Bad Religion 3 Way Split DLH Skate
11/24 Open City City Of Ash (EP) Indépendant
11/24 Honesty Can You Feel… M&O Music
11/24 Pistolets Roses 15 ** Indépendant
11/24 Harbour Dead In The Water Black Numbers
11/24 King Tuts Revenge Weather The Storm Indépendant
11/25 Seconds to Stand Throwing Darts Indépendant
11/25 Thanx 4 All The Shoes Another Ride White Russian
11/27 Forty Seven Teeth Emotional Support Indépendant
11/28 Anteater Smashed Antholes Indépendant
11/28 Five Three Eyes Sub Rosa Indépendant
11/29 Hoist The Colours RunningLate (Split) Morning Wood


12/01 Airstream Futures Spirale Infernale Paper + Plastick
12/01 Torches New Ways, Same Fire Western Valley
12/01 Paper Rifles Faith Healer Indépendant
12/01 Oh My Snare! Murk Matinal ** Say 10 Records
12/01 Guerilla Poubelle La Nausée Slam Disques
12/01 BarCreeps Human Remains Little Rocket
12/01 Bullshit Detector Au Nom Du Pire Indépendant
12/01 Behind The Revolver As We Blossom ** Indépendant
12/01 Ann Beretta Old Scars, New Blood Say-10 Records
12/02 Braincoats 12 Reasons For Self-Medic Indépendant
12/04 Veto Veto (EP) Crapoulet Records
12/05 Among Legends Some Days (EP) Indépendant
12/05 Standard Issue Standard Issue Indépendant
12/05 BarCreeps Human Remains Dirty Sushi
12/06 Mr. Godson Rock’N’Roll Tv (Split) PCT Musique
12/06 The Riot Gang Ice Age Indépendant
12/06 The Holophonics Xmas 2017 (Simple) Indépendant
12/05 Alaska Alaska Another Planet’s Hell Dirty Sushi
12/08 Throttlebomb Get Bombed Indépendant
12/08 Lamplighters Years Go By (EP) Phameless
12/08 Swingin’ Utters Drowning In The Sea Fat Wreck
12/09 From Six Till Eight Southview Sing-Alongs Indépendant
12/12 Upside Down Scars Are Forever Indépendant
12/13 Mercredi Mercredi (EP) Indépendant
12/15 The Riptides Wimpy Goes To Something To Do
12/15 Dead End Suicide Tracks (EP) Indépendant
12/15 Varlope Sed Lex (EP) ** Indépendant
12/16 Spoar 5 Spinning Tunes Indépendant
12/20 Hack The Mainframe Disorders of Consciousness Pee records
12/20 No Dividers No Dividers Indépendant
12/20 Rock’N’Roll Tv Don’t Wanna Be Smart ** Indépendant
12/21 Original Sharks Hundred Grand to the Man Indépendant
12/22 Parasites For what purpose am I born? Indépendant
12/22 Thousand Oaks Too Close To See (Split) Milestones Records
12/22 89% The Right Decision Indépendant
12/23 Bombflower Bleed Me Out Don’t Panic
12/24 Sunset Radios Acoustic (EP) This Is Core
12/25 Old Bay Thrashers Old Bay Thrashers Indépendant
12/25 The Migraines Young, Gifted & Fast Indépendant
12/25 Trophy Jump Depression Club
12/27 Haircut Shutting Down (EP) Feel It Records
12/28 Not Available Grandpunks Indépendant
12/29 U.S. Bombs Clash Tribute (7") Slope Records
12/29 No Potential No More Wasted Days Indépendant
12/30 Bad Summer Fucking True (EP) Russian Federation
12/31 Mental Fix Bricolage ** Too Many Notes
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