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Légende: ** = Sorties Québécoises.


01/08 Ignite A War Against You Century Media
01/08 Kill Corporations 432hz Felony Records
01/09 Prevenge #Ripidiots ** Indépendant
01/10 Main Line 10 Sharks (EP) Lockjaw
01/18 Healer of Bastards Wage Slaves (7") Indépendant
01/19 Snuff No Biting! (EP) 10 Past 12
01/22 Lionhart Love Don’t Live Here LHHC Records
01/22 Emmer Effer People Are The Answer Felony Records
01/22 Roam Backbone Hopeless Records
01/22 The Casualties Сhaos Sound Season OF Mist
01/27 Waterweed Landscapes (EP) Maximum 10
01/27 Uglybones Crowing Concerns Indépendant
01/29 Thousand Oaks Monsters Begetting Monsters DD Records
01/29 Basement Promise Everything Run For Cover


02/03 Pass Away Sink Your Hooks In (EP) Indépendant
02/04 Talk Show Host Disunion Tour (EP) Indépendant
02/05 Catch Fire Distance I Am From You Rude Records
02/05 Supermunk Photophobic Kicking Records
02/10 Capable! Un peu crust, Un peu emo ** Indépendant
02/10 Castoff First Step To Recovery Bird Attack
02/15 Dead Krazukies The Northern Belle Felony Records
02/16 These Fast Times These Fast Times Thousand Islands
02/19 Cables & Arms Framing Defeat… Indépendant
02/19 Honolulu Breakdown Billy Goat (EP) Less Talk More
02/22 Up For Nothing Swindled It’s Alive
02/22 Fifty/Fifty No Borders MelodicPunk Stlyle
02/23 Krang Baddest Brain Anakin Digital
02/24 The Great Awake Reasons For Leaving Indépendant
02/24 Problem Daughter Fits Of Disorganized… DyingScene
02/26 Millencolin True Brew (EP) Epitaph
02/26 Kamakazi Regarde Maman, I’m on the TV ** Slam Disques
02/26 LightSpeedGo Just A Memory Felony Records
02/26 Penny Was Right We Were Kids (EP) Felony Records
02/26 Nufo Virtual Paradise Indépendant
02/26 Landlines Logical Fallacies North Empire

MARS 2016

03/04 Face To Face Protection Fat Wreck
03/04 The Lippies The Lippies Red Scare
03/05 Dirty Fonzy Hangover & Broken Dreams Direction Pollux
03/05 Oktoplut La Sorcière de Roche (EP) ** Slam Disques
03/10 Krang Baddest Brain MelodicPunk Style
03/10 Down Memory Lane Recycled Punk Rockers ** Thousand Islands
03/11 Cross Me Forever Cursed (EP) Bridge Nine
03/18 The Falcon Gather Up The Chaps Red Scare
03/18 Rouge Pompier Chevy Chase ** Slam Disques
03/19 Skipjack A Soundtrack To A Eulogy Felony Records
03/20 Tripwire What Comes Next Indépendant
03/25 Day Oof The Vlack Album Playfalse
03/30 Give You Nothing Your Revolution (EP) Indépendant

AVRIL 2016

04/01 Pears Green Star Fat Wreck
04/01 Dunt Between Punk Rock… Infinite Hive
04/01 NeverBeenFamous Dark City Nights (EP) Indépendant
04/01 Allout Helter Ruins Bird Attack
04/06 The Ocean Front The Ocean Front (EP) MelodicPunk Style
04/08 Red Light Rebels Another Round (EP) Indépendant
04/08 Masked Intruder Love & Other Crimes (EP) Pure Noise
04/08 The Adolescents Manifest Density Concert Jungle
04/08 Landscapes Modern Earth Pure Noise
04/15 Astpai Run From Home (EP) Jump Start
04/16 NOFX Sid & Nancy (7") Fat Wreck
04/16 Fire At Will Life Goes On Krod Records
04/16 Ignite Vipers And Thieves (EP) Century Media
04/19 Wraths Wraths Bird Attack
04/22 Disaster Jacks Acid Drop Picnic
04/22 Lost Love Comfortable Scars ** Stomp Records
04/22 Mean Jeans Tight New Dimension Fat Wreck
04/28 Skin Of Tears Fake My Day Rumbble The Cat
04/29 Discharge End Of Days Nuclear Blast
04/29 Less Than Jake Live From Astoria Rude Records
04/29 Bicycle Thieves Bicycle Thieves (EP) No Panic Records
04/29 Venerea Last Call for Adderall Destiny Records
04/30 Belvedere The Revenge Of The Fifth Bird Attack
04/30 Persistence Better Days Through… ** UPAWA Records

MAI 2016

05/01 Kid You Not Almost Home (EP) Felony Records
05/01 Acid Snot Attitudes Bird Attack
05/05 Lion’s Share Demo Indépendant
05/06 White Lung Paradise Domino Records
05/06 At Both Ends Knackered (EP) MelodicPunk Style
05/06 Useless ID We Don’t Want The Airwaves Fat Wreck
05/06 Mark & The Wolves Brothers Of Sounds ** Indépendant
05/07 Death By Fungi In Dearth Of (EP) Indépendant
05/09 Blurry Eyes Break The Tv ** Indépendant
05/10 Last One Standing Nothing Left To Lose One Life
05/13 Sketchy Burnt Tapes (Split) 7/10 Split
05/14 Break Of Day Before Life Decides… Indelirium
05/16 This Is Hell Bastards Still Remain Coin Toss
05/16 Plow United Three It’s Alive
05/18 Hey-Smith Stop The War Caffeine Bomb
05/20 Tiger Army V… Rise Records
05/20 Broken Gold E.P. III Indépendant
05/22 Talk Show Host Perfectly Competent (EP) Indépendant
05/23 Keep It Clear Promo Indépendant
05/27 Wake The Dead Under The Mask Damons Run
05/27 Pup The Dream Is Over SideOneDummy
05/27 Napoleon Newborn Mind Basick Records

JUIN 2016

06/01 Broken Aris Thick As Thieves (EP) Indépendant
06/02 Flûte C’est Quoi Déjà Les Accords? Indépendant
06/03 Gateway Pursuit (EP) Indépendant
06/06 Broken Aris Newspaper (EP) Indépendant
06/10 Crisis Alert Internal Conflict Resist Records
06/10 Eat Defeat Time & Tide (EP) Indépendant
06/11 Strike Again From The Black Haze Indépendant
06/14 Out In Style Coffee, Beer And A Movie (EP) Indépendant
06/15 La Cavale For Action! (EP) ** Indépendant
06/17 Nails You Will Never Be… Nuclear Blast
06/17 Batfoot! Cut The Cord Atomic Brain
06/17 Trash Boat Nothing I Write You Can… Hopeless
06/17 Steele Justice …That Sure Escalated Quickly Bearded Punk
06/20 Prowl Hell Breaks Loose (EP) ** Northern Sound
06/21 Agent Démo Indépendant
06/21 Minority Of One Never Quit Indépendant
06/21 Force Events! Reforce Events! (EP) Indépendant
06/24 Direct Hit! Wasted Mind Fat Wreck
06/24 The Interrupters Say It Out Loud HellCat
06/24 Beat The Smart Kids Broke Again Indépendant
06/24 Anti-Flag Live And Acoustic A-F Records
06/24 How To Fuck It The Horrors To Come (EP) MelodicPunk Style
06/28 Guerilla Poubelle Inferno (EP) Slam / Guerilla


07/01 Coercion96 Exit Wounds (EP) Bird Attack
07/01 Blink 182 California BMG Rights
07/01 True Love Heaven’s Too Good for Us Bridge Nine
07/01 Useless ID State Is Burning Fat Wreck
07/04 Caisson Hopeless Indépendant
07/13 Not For Rent The Last Odysseyc Indépendant
07/13 The Ramparts The Ramparts (EP)c Indépendant
07/14 The Slm Death Jurassic CBRG Records
07/15 Burn …From the Ashes (EP) Bridge Nine
07/15 Guttermouth Got It made (EP) Bird Attack
07/15 Ripé Ripé Rock Ripé (EP) Slam Disques
07/16 Carrusel The Departure Lounge (EP) Indépendant
07/20 Adversity Figure Out (EP) Krod Records
07/21 Rebuke Time Travels (EP) Let’s Talk More
07/22 Relient K Air For Free MonoVsStereo
07/22 Gibberish Between Timid & Timbuktu Torche Of Hope
07/22 Larrakia Rantallion (EP) DD Records
07/22 Bottomfeeder Sink To The Depths (EP) Good Fight
07/26 Set It Back Stand Tall, Sing Loud (EP) ** Indépendant
07/27 Spoiler Starting With S (EP) Indépendant
07/27 Escape Velocity Escape Velocity (EP) Indépendant
07/29 Get Dead Honesty Lives Elsewhere Fat Wreck
07/29 Descendents Hypercaffium Spazzinate Epitaph
07/29 Bouncing Souls Simplicity Rise Records
07/29 Billy Talent Afraid Of Heights Warner Music
07/29 Antillectual Engage Bird Attack
07/29 Friends With The Enemy Declassified Felony Records
07/31 Boardroom Heroes Past Lives (EP) Indépendant

AOÛT 2016

08/01 Pessimist The Perfect Thing (EP) Indépendant
08/05 Poison Alley Break Away, Cast Away… Indépendant
08/05 Honey Blast (EP) Morning Wood
08/05 Castoff Castoff (EP) Indépendant
08/05 Bracket The Last Page (Simple) Head2Wall
08/12 Protected Left Bluff Called (Split) GTG Records
08/12 Curbside Decades (EP) Indépendant
08/13 Cold Years Death Chasers (EP) Fat Hippy
08/15 Ripé Ripé Rock Ripé (EP) ** Slam Disques
08/16 The Nailheads Too Cool For School ** Nailheads Records
08/17 Shadows Progress (EP) Tower Records
08/19 Neverlearn Start Tomorrow (EP) Nailheads Records
08/19 Frenzal Rhomb We Lived Like Kings Fat Wreck
08/19 Bayside Vacancy Hopeless
08/19 Life On Trial Terrorizer (EP) ** Indépendant
08/19 Crucial Dudes Shitty Wizard(EP) Indépendant
08/23 Cookie Break Going Nuts (EP) Indépendant
08/24 Born To Freedom Life Is Movement (EP) Indépendant
08/26 Double Negative When We’re Gone Felony Records
08/26 Statues on Fire No Tomorrow Dang!
08/28 Rejected Kids Home Rise & Grind
08/29 Modern Guns The Place Where I Left You Armstretch


09/01 !Attention! !Attention! Struggletown
09/02 Signals Midwest At This Age Tiny Engines
09/02 ToyGuitar Move Like A Ghost (EP) Fat Wreck
09/02 Arms Aloft What A Time To Be Barely Alive Red Scare
09/02 Flying Frogs Playing Again MelodicPunk Style
09/05 Atomic Winter Tsunami Survivor Indépendant
09/05 Holidays Refused Work Case Scenario (EP) Indépendant
09/09 Such Gold Pedestal Bird Attack
09/09 Implants The Golden Age (EP) Cyber Tracks
09/09 Oh See Demons Bite Off (EP) Indépendant
09/09 Junkyard Safari Done Fishing (EP) White Russian
09/09 C:28 Never Taste Death (EP) Indépendant
09/09 Cruel Hand Your World Won’t Listen Hopeless
09/15 Fat By The Gallon Drunk & Despondent Dang!
09/16 Bussieres Orange Glow (EP) ** Indépendant
09/16 Chixdiggit 2012 (EP) Fat Wreck
09/16 Against Me! Shape Shift With Me Total Treble
09/16 Caskitt Old Fires New Frontier La Escalera
09/16 The Linden Method Good Enough Indépendant
09/20 Cool Jërk Demo Tape Talk
09/20 Ink Bomb Invincible Summer (EP) Indépendant/td>
09/20 The Overjoyed Boomdoggle Cannonball/td>
09/21 5exit Bonds Of Mind (EP) World Wide
09/23 Taco Bandits The Guacamole Incident ** Indépendant
09/23 Beach Slang A Loud Bash of Teenage Big Scary
09/23 Brutal Youth Sanguine Stomp Records
09/23 Expire With Regret Bridge Nine
09/23 Stick To Your Guns Better Ash Than Dust (EP) Pure Noise
09/26 The Lucky Eejits Do It Again Felony Records
09/29 G.A.S. Drummers Alive And Well Kicking Records
09/30 Yellowcard Yellowcard Hopeless
09/30 Fenix Tx Cre (EP) Cyber Tracks


10/01 Atterkop Liber Abaci Indépendant
10/01 Public Outsiders WhiteCircle/BlackCross ** Indépendant
10/07 Green Day Revolution Radio Reprise Records
10/07 NOFX First Ditch Effort Fat Wreck
10/07 Goodbye Blue Monday To An Omega Point Indépendant
10/07 Sum 41 13 Voices Hopeless
10/07 Dead Man’s Chest Violent Days Indépendant
10/14 Six Time Champion More Than Me Indépendant
10/14 Mute Remember Death ** Bird Attack
10/14 Fuck Toute Fuck Toute ** Indépendant
10/14 Trophy Eyes Chemical Miracle Hopeless
10/15 Nieviem Nieviem (EP) Indépendant
10/21 Jimmy Eat World Integrity Blues RCA Records
10/21 Dead To Me I Wanna Die In Los Angeles Fat Wreck
10/21 Oldest Memories No Balls, No Weakness (EP) Fat Wreck
10/24 Dirty Fonzy Dirty Fiasco Indépendant
10/26 Fake Off Boréal (EP) Backpack Records
10/27 Wstr Footprints (EP) No Sleep
10/28 Ripé Ripé Rock le Rock (EP) ** Slam Disques
10/28 Demain Encore Nouveaux Souvenirs Panda / Lisa Asso
10/28 After The Fall Recollection Bird Attack
10/30 Sidewalk Surfers Not Me (EP) MelodicPunk Style


11/11 Pizza Tramp Blowing Chunks Indépendant
11/11 Snareset Deadends (Split) Indépendant
11/18 Our Darkest Days A Common Agony Bird Attack
11/18 Pulley No Change In The Weather Cyber Tracks
11/25 Guttermouth New Car Smell (EP) Bird Attack
11/26 Gilbert & les Amis de Tom Profane ** Indépendant
11/27 Leftöver Crack Constructs Of The State Fat Wreck


12/01 Propagandhi Supporting Caste Demos Indépendant
12/02 Deadends Essence Of Every Second Fond Of Life
12/07 Hi-Standard Vintage & New, Gift Shits Pizza Of Death
12/02 Harriers Mankind Will Fall (EP) ** Northern Sound
12/09 Get Married Into The Cosmos Wiretape
12/10 Hack The Mainframe Trapped Online (EP) Pee Records
12/11 Toy Gun Criminals Outsided The Box ** Indépendant
12/12 Chris Snelgrove The Distance Between ** Indépendant
12/12 Heckler Heckler Indépendant
12/14 Shames Rebirth Attractive Records
12/16 NOFX Oxy Moronic (7") Indépendant
12/16 Bitter Grounds Hollowlands Bad Granola
12/23 NOFX Hepatits Bathtub (7") Fat Wreck
12/23 Scarlet Pills Your Dream Is Our Nightmare Indépendant
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