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AVRIL 2017

04/1er Tender Defender Tender Defender (EP) Dead Broke
04/05 Force Events Force Events (EP) Indépendant
04/05 Waterweed Brightest Indépendant
04/05 Namba69 Heroes (EP) Pop Seed
04/06 The Messyhairs Dead Scene Lucky Records
04/07 Melting Fast Volcanic Indépendant
04/07 Red Atlanta Cover Me Bad Indépendant
04/07 Setbacks Oceans Apart Morning Wood
04/07 Sammy Kay Untitled Stomp Records
04/07 Me first & The Gimme Gimmes Greatest Hits Fat Wreck
04/07 The Flatliners Inviting Light Rise/Dine Alone
04/07 Capitaine Révolte Fil d’Arrivée ** Indépendant
04/07 Sales Majestés Droit dans le mur DKP
04/08 Dungeon Days Dungeon Days Indépendant
04/08 Deez Nuts Binge and Purgatory Century Media
04/13 Jaya The Cat Basement Style Ring Of Fire
04/14 Isotopes 1994 World Series Stomp Records
04/15 A Life Forsaken Bringing Down Titans ** Indépendant
04/18 Argument Argument (EP) ** Indépendant
04/19 Oweak At Nightfall Catch All
04/26 Harsh Realms Coma Commander Shield
04/24 Quitters Good Night Memories Bad Mood Asso
04/27 Still Insane ** Friends & Family (EP)  Thousand Islands
04/28 The Grim Cop Killer(EP) Felony Records
04/28 Light The Way Dude, Lame (EP) Indie Vision
04/28 Flatfoot 56 Odd Boat Sailor’s Grave
04/28 The Dirty Nil Minimum R&B Fat Wreck
04/28 New Found Glory Makes Me Sick Hopeless
04/28 Terror The Walls Will Fall  Pure Noise
04/28 Capable!  Société problème (EP) ** Indépendant
04/29 Mental Fix Summer’s Never
Long Enough (EP) **

MAI 2017

05/02 Aarsen Satellites (EP) ** Indépendant
05/05 Face To Face Say What You Want (7") Fat Wreck Chords
05/05 Les Partisans Rallumers Tous les Soleils Casual Records
05/05 Amuse Life Sucks (EP) Indépendant
05/05 Lastkaj 14 Spelevinken (EP) Indépendant
05/06 NowFuture Spy Killers (EP) ** Indépendant
05/08 The Last Confidence This Mess Is Place Loserkid
05/12 Raygun Cowboys The Cowboys Code Stomp Records
05/11 Huge Puppies Cynocracy Indépendant
05/12 Crash Ton Rock Volte-Face ** Stomp Records
05/12 Primetime Failure Home Disconnect Disconnect
05/12 As One Man Coming Up Roses ** Indépendant
05/12 Parasite Diet Coast to Coast Indépendant
05/17 Abolitionist The Pinnacle (EP) 1859 Records
05/19 Trashed Ambulance A Dime For Everytime Thousand Islands
05/19 Talk Show Host Not Here To Make Friends Indépendant
05/19 Bare Teeth First The Town… (EP) Less Talk More Records
05/24 Vilains Puceaux T’es t’une marde (EP) ** Indépendant
05/26 Ten Foot Pole Setlist Cyber Tracks
05/26 Frenzal Rhomb Hi-Vis High Tea Fat Wrek
05/26 Beer Creeps Battle Axe (EP) Disconnect Disconnect
05/26 Ten Cents Short Major Steps Indépendant
05/27 Monoxyde Monoxyde ** Indépendant
05/27 Diploma The Cost Of Clarity (EP) Indépendant
05/29 The Roughs The Roughs (EP) Indépendant

JUIN 2017

06/1er CF98 Story Markers Antena Krzyku
06/1er Bash Brothers Life Lessons Thousand Islands
06/02 Flogging Molly Life is Good Vanguard Records
06/02 Obey The Brave Mad Season Epitaph Records
06/02 Authority Zero Broadcasting To The Nations Bird Attack
06/02 Heartsounds Dualistic Nihilist Creator-Destructor
06/02 Summerled The Contest (EP) ** Indépendant
06/02 Wednesday 13 Condoleans Nuclear Blast
06/02 Crab Legs Full Garage (Split) Tiny Dragon Music
06/02 Whisky Gallery Vegas (EP)** Indépendant
06/02 The Dopamines Tales of Interest Rad Girlfriend
06/03 Hitch & Go This Time For Good ** Indépendantt
06/06 Law Of Keanu Gravity (EP) Indépendant
06/09 The Lillingtons Project 313 (EP) Red Scare
06/09 Rancid Trouble Maker Epitaph/HellCats
06/09 One Square Mile Kickin’ Rocks (EP) Felony Records
06/09 Rise Against Wolves Virgin Records
06/10 Society’s Ills Stumble ** Indépendant
06/10 The Dodges Yelling at Adult Men Indépendant
06/14 Bel Ann-Ana Démo ** Indépendant
06/14 Good 4 Nothing Melodic-Holic L.M.N.O.P.
06/14 Pot Gemme (EP) Trust Records
06/16 Death By Dingo A Call of Survival ** Indépendant
06/16 Rivershores Dizzy Lows Shield Recording
06/16 Les Clebards On Attend On Attend
06/20 Varlope Dura Lex (EP) ** Indépendant
06/23 Freedom Never Had A Choice (EP) Triple B Records
06/23 Just Ice Sleep (EP) ** Indépendant
06/23 Guttermouth The Whole Enchilada Rude Records
06/25 Windover Maze 20 Chords Records
06/25 360 Flip Peace On Earth Indépendant
06/30 88 Fingers Louie Thank You For Being A Friends Bird Attack
06/30 Oh The Humanity! Tired Ears (EP) Ocelot Records
06/30 FastFade Side Effects (EP) Umlaut Records
06/30 King Punch Low Profile (7") Be Sharp Records
06/30 Slander Calunnia (EP) Indépendant
06/30 Concret Everything Ends Now Irish Voodoo Records
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